I Probably Never Told You This


About a year ago I had a catastrophy. I broke my website. 

Totalled it. FUBAR -ed.

It was not recoverable in a useable form. I still had all my content…kind of. It was so bad, I couldn’t even talk about it. It was entirely my own doing too and I couldn’t even blame anyone else: not WordPress, not the Interwebs. It was ME.


I had over 20o blogs and dozens of recipes just sitting in pieces. Over 20 years of content in bits!

Last week I started putting it all back together. For four days I went round in loops and circles. I finally found some fixes and while I’m not in love with how it looks and at least I can live with this for a bit. There are some AWESOME RECIPES in here!

The hardest part was / is salvaging the blogs and recipes etc. I’ve had to edit and reformat everything and I’ve thrown out LOTS. It will take me a while longer to get it ship-shape but this is a [good enough] start.


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