So there we were sitting round the campsite last weekend and the Moms were talking about taking their kids to see “Five Nights at Freddies”. Then they were talking about what movie the Moms could go to while the kids were  at “FNAF”.

The Moms did not even consider Eras. Not for a minute. I was sitting there thinking “BUT BUT  BUT…..i want to go and see Eras…but no one will go with me”.

So I said it. “I want to go to Eras SO bad”. Candice and Darren both came swiftly out of the woodwork and said “Me Too”.

Whereupon we made a plan: times, dates, bars and then promptly got on our phones to figure our outfits out.


This was Saturday night. By Sunday when we got back to the house, my jacket was there! Gotta love Amazon! I had to wear sunglasses in the car because I was prism-ing everywhere.


We met at Original Joes
Candice at the campsite
Eras Candice
"Normal" Darren
Eras Darren

Darren knew every word to every song.

T.S. Rules.

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