Obviously I am Obsessed!

I had a hugely busy day today with the morning taken up at Gwynne Vaughan Park and our big spring clean-up. Check out the park website by the way – I just finished it a couple of weeks ago and am pretty stoked with it.

I took a bunch of pictures the other day and when I came to edit/cull them it was quite amusing to see how many MIRRORS I’ve got – and quite a few hallways too!

The mirror below (and the table) were both scores at the Old General Store auction which I would go to every Sunday. I miss the auction but it’s nice having my Sundays back, and not having so many pieces of furniture to restore!

This starburst mirror (from Winners years ago) used to be upstairs, where the antique one is now. I painted the downstairs hallway last weekend and hung a new light fixture, and it didn’t work for me anymore, so I put the starburst downstairs and I think it looks fab. I got the little chandelier from Re-store for $15.

starburst mirror

Below is a pic of my early spring decor in the downstairs foyer.

I refinished the first mirror I ever decorated. It was an annoyance to me for ages but I had never gotten around to fixing it. I am SO glad I tackled it because it’s a favourite now.

re-done mirror

Wandering round the place I just kept clicking…

I love these colours

My downstairs “foo foo” area. I wallpapered it last year, and it’s one of my favorite wee corners

This cabinet is in amazing condition. It was one of the last auction items I bought (absentee bid). I placed a “stink bid” of $82.50 and got it for $70!!!

Gilded box. it used to be a ghastly white plaster thing!

A bunch of the shadow boxes I’ve still got left un-gifted. I sent a couple more out this week and will be delivering one too…can’t wait!