Cookie Monster

I’ve always loved to cook – and the challenge of cooking for large numbers of people has always been fun for me.

I never baked. My standard dessert was fruit salad and I prefer cheese myself personally.

My mother and sisters are phenomenal bakers. They have “the touch”  – and many of my best friends were dab hands at baking.

I remember watching Chrissie whip up some choux pastry and KNEW I would never be able to do that.

One of the big differences with NZ and Canada/North America is the whole COOKIE thing here.

At Christmas and Thanksgiving, people take to their kitchens and produce insane amounts of baked goods which they give to friends, co-workers, customers and suppliers.

After a couple of years I decided to do “a few Christmas cookies” and that’s when it all began…

My baking obsession.

Then Stacy and I started making cupcakes. It became a ritual when she’d visit.

I loved playing with icing and tips.

Stace is super creative and does great freehand designs and amazing colours.

Craig and Stace asked me to do their wedding cupcakes and I decided I’d better take some darn LESSONS.

I did all 3 Wilton courses, and loved it.

The courses are cheap…$35 for 8 hours of class. The trap is the amount of equipment and supplies you need to complete the courses.

So, once the wedding was over I decided that I’d do some bake sales to at least pay for the bulk of the stuff I’d indulged myself in…

I set up a stall outside our shop on a couple of busy Saturdays and did a local flea market one Sunday but it was lame and stinky.

So last week I did the night market at our local “Party in the Park” which is a summer-long event every Friday night.

I slaved for 2 days straight and made:
36 each of Cookie Monster, Elmo, Oscar and Big Bird

24 each of Red Velvet with cream cheese icing, Chocolate with white chocolate icing and Vanilla with Magnoloa whipped vanilla icing.

I also made brownies, tropical carrot cake and my Louisiana banana cake with pecan praline topping.

Oh Em Gee!

I sold out! 


So I have signed up for the rest of the summer and I’ve been working ahead.

Here’s what I did this weekend.

I made ladybugs for the new ladybug cupcakes for this Friday.

I prototyped it…

I made literally HUNDREDS of different flowers…

I candied lemons for lemon cupcake decoration

Made some bows…

Dozens upon dozens of eyes for Elmo and co.

Kermit eyes..

I haven’t decided when Elmo is going to make his appearance yet. Maybe next week…

Cookie Monster eyes…

And I made 8 carrot cakes. They freeze well thankfully!

So many people took photos –  and I took a couple of dozen cards down with me and they all went vooommmm. So I am getting more for this weekend.

I will make sure we take lots of pictures!

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