The First Twenty

20 Years of Love and Adventure: A Tribute to My Amazing Husband, Jim

Love knows no boundaries, and our story is living proof of that. Two decades of unwavering devotion, shared dreams, and cherished moments—it’s our 20th wedding anniversary, and I can’t help but take a moment to reflect on the incredible journey I’ve shared with my loving husband, Jim. 

Our love story began in the most unexpected way, with a simple online game of Euchre, and it’s been nothing short of extraordinary ever since. Today, I want to share with you the remarkable qualities that make Jim the incredible partner and person he is.


Twenty years ago, I never imagined that a chance encounter in an online Euchre game would lead to a lifetime of love and happiness. We came from opposite sides of the world—I from New Zealand, and Jim from Canada—but destiny had other plans. Our connection was instant, our bond unbreakable, and it became the foundation for the beautiful life we’ve built together.

2001 - my first trip to Canada at Whistler

Kindness and Generosity

Jim’s kindness and generosity have always been the guiding lights in our relationship. He’s the kind of person who consistently goes the extra mile to make those around him happy. Whether it’s making endless cups of coffee for me, or moving mountains to ensure my happiness, he does it all with a heart full of love. The kindness and love he showed for my Mum showed me his thoughtfulness and selflessness.

He does not hate dogs

When I first moved to Canada, Jim refused to let me get a dog. But from the moment we brought our  first dog, Josie,  home he was all-in. One of his most endearling qualities is his commitment to our dogs, Molly and Angie. He cares for them, plays with them and they love him unconditionally. Molly feels safest in his “pouch”. Our family felt the depths of his love when we lost Abby unexpectedly and then more recently when Josie passed. Jim’s strength wasn’t in hiding his grief, but in sharing it with me, reminding me that we are a team, even through the difficult times.


Jim covered in dogs - Abby and Josie
Christmas 2021 at Jan's with Josie, Molly and Angie
Jim, Molly and Angie

Tenacity and Hard Work

Jim is a true testament to what hard work and dedication can achieve. His passion for all things tech and his work ethic are truly inspiring. He pours his heart into his projects.

Actions Speak Louder than Words

Jim isn’t chatty or outgoing. He keeps to himself and is quiet and rather reserved. But his actions speak volumes. His steadfast support and his willingness to do whatever is going to make me happy are worth more than words can ever express. He proves his love every day through his commitment to our relationship. I know (now, finally!) not to expect grand gestures and planned-out events or occasions. What I do get, every day, are small, kind and genuine acts of love.

Thank you my love

As I look back on the past twenty years, I am overwhelmed with love and gratitude for the incredible man I get to call my husband. Our journey has been marked by laughter, love, shared dreams, and countless unforgettable moments. Our love has grown deeper and stronger with each passing day. I am eternally grateful for the day we found each other online, the day I moved continents to be with Jim, and the day we became husband and wife. Here’s to the next twenty years of love, laughter, and adventure—our story is far from over.

Happy 20th anniversary, my love. You are the greatest gift I’ve ever received, and I am so lucky to have found you.

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