Last month my dream came true. We finally picked up our new Travel Trailer.

I have yearned for a trailer for YEARS.

After our camping trip last September we decided that we’d NEVER tent again. Ever.

We began our search. We decided we didn’t want to change vehicles so we started looking for something we could tow with my Santa Fe SUV.

R-Pods seemed like a good idea. But even then it was touch and go whether we could tow it comfortably…not to mention, it was pretty small.

We went to a couple of RV shows and went into every Travel Trailer brand imaginable.

And then we saw the Grand Design Imagine range of trailers and we were both blown away by the layout as well as the decor, colours, and quality.

We weren’t really happy with the price tag though. It was way more than we imagined. PLUS we realized we were definitely going to have to buy a new truck too. GAH

So I started looking at second hand travel trailers. I was really keen to restore a trailer – there are so many great ideas and I found the idea really exciting. Jim wanted the security of warranty though…

We tried to get a deal with the local dealer and gave up. We moved on to look at a gazillion other brands. We went back and forth, back and forth and nearly drove ourselves (and each other) loopers.

After just one email to the Kelowna Grand Design dealer, we were in business and I was so excited.

The first weekend there was no snow on the Coquihalla we went to pick it up.

It was -17º . Yes MINUS SEVENTEEN that weekend. The trailer had been winterized so we couldn’t use the sink, shower or toilet, so it was a *funny* first night.

When we got home, I started doing the (apparently) mandatory modifications to turn it from a very fabulous trailer to OUR very fabulous trailer.

As well as aesthetic/decor things, there were some more practical modifications to do, like mouse-proofing and insulating the pass-though storage area.

There was no backsplash in either the bathroom or kitchen so I rectified that

I also wallpapered behind the bed, as it is all very brown…

I have just booked some weeks off over the next few months so we can take her out.

We are so excited!

For now we just sit in it and visit and drink wine and look out over the river.

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