Why Do I Do This?

This is my online journal.  I do it for ME!  But in 2021 I quit – just like THAT.

I didn’t quit because I broke my website. THAT happened when I decided to START again. Ironic.

I quit because of the perfect storm:

  1. Moving out of “Riverview” right at the start of lockdown so we had to put everything, including stuff we didn’t want to keep, into storage.
  2. Having nowhere to live and not knowing when, or IF,  we would find somewhere we liked that we could afford
  3. COVID

Everytime I sat down to write or post something, I’d read or hear about someone who had it so much worse than me: people who had lost family members – or multiple family members. People who couldn’t visit their elderly parents. People dying alone. It was so bad for all of us. But everything piled on top of me and rendered me speechless and silent. 

I’m only now starting to realise the impact it ALL had on me. But I won’t revisit it. Just to say that I went through a lot of stuff. I called the crisis line a couple of times. I am so thankful for the help I received.

In July 2021 we moved into our new house. It’s an old bungalow and needs EVERYTHING doing to it.

A full year later (I was busy with so many things) I decided I had enough self confidence to get back into blogging and then promptly broke my website. I was so sure I could fix it that I immediately double-broke it. (I now know that double-breaking is a thing).

So back to WHY I do this. Because I always have. Because I had over 200 posts, and over 2000 images in my account and I don’t want to lose that history. Because it’s where I can go and look back. And if anyone else cares to check it out – COOL. If not, also cool.

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