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Lynne's Lemon Cooler

God, I love camping.

I love sleeping in a tent, I love cooking on a campfire and grilling.

Nothing tastes better than coffee cooked in an enamel pot on a Coleman propane stove.

Well, that’s apart from the new camping cooler drink I invented:

San Pellegrino Lemonata and Titos Vodka is pretty awesome.

We spent 4 days at Ross Lake – about 1.5 hours from here, and about one glorious hour out of cell/wifi range. The campground we stayed in was just across the US border in Washington State in a beautiful place called Hozomeen. The campgrounds are nicer than 2 minutes up the road on the Canadian side and they’re actually free. There’s water, bear-proof foodsafes and [rather putrid] pit toilets.

We read, swam, paddled in our new rowboat and Jim went fishing while I snoozed and just chilled the hell out. So nice.

We’ve been tenting now for seven years or so and we’ve got all the gear. So much stuff:

Tent, tarps, mattress, sleeping bags, barbecue, coleman propane stove, propane, pots and pans, utensils, tent pegs, machete, mallet, knives, torches, lamps, tables, chairs, mosquito tent, shade tent, tie outs for the dogs, dog beds, dog towels, dog bowls….OMG and then there’s food, drink, ice, towels….argh!

I swear it takes me a full day to prep and then hours to pack the van – and hours to set up the campsite so it’s just perfect and it’s exhausting.

It doesn’t take so long to take down but when we get home it take FOREVER to clean everything up and restash it.


BUT we are going to do WAY MORE camping in our NEW TRAILER!

At present it’s an imaginary trailer because we haven’t seen one we love that we can afford yet, but we are not using that bloody tent again if I have any say in the matter, and Jim is in full agreement.

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