SHHHHH – it’s a secret (garden)

I’m not sure how the name came about but it’s the description a few people have come up with when they first see one of these creations…”it’s like a …. secret garden” they say.

So, the name has stuck. These are my secret gardens.

I find old clock cases and turn them into whimsical wall decor.

This is the first one I made from a clock case I found in Lynden, Washington on one of my “Lynne Days”. I have a circuit of thrift/antique/consignment stores that I go to between here and Bellingham and the rule is “don’t worry about the exchange rate and don’t worry about paying duty”.


Mere minutes later, I found a bigger, better clock case at Value Village in Everett, which is hands-down my favorite VV ever. I find the best treasures at this store. I love this case – especially that it has side windows too.


I chalk paint them, finish them off with some sanding and patina, and then apply gold leaf to bring out the decorative details.

I’ve added LED lights which really make it magical and enhance some of the shiny things inside.

This one has a birds and butterflies theme and it has lace, paper, beads, brooches inside and a lot vintage paper cut-outs. There is a plaster picture frame, a miniature gazebo, clocks and paper roses. This beauty has just made its way to Edmonton to a new home.

Literally, just as I was writing this, I got an email from Rebecca with a picture of the secret garden in its new home.








The day we were leaving to go to Costa Rica I was running some chores – not much time and loads of things to accomplish. I didn’t have time for frivolous shopping and so I tried really hard to stop myself going into the Bibles for Missions store opposite Superstore. But I was literally DRAWN in and found this awesome big clock case.

This is out at Voila Lash Lounge in Abbotsford right now – about to come back into town. Because it’s so big I was able to fit a cute plaster cuckoo clock in the top section.




The latest Secret Garden has a Love theme…and it’s a wee clock case I found at the Sally Ann. When it had its clock, it was a $200 piece according to the price tag on the back.


See the little boy and girl at the bottom left? Adorable!

I deconstructed a clock and set it into the top portion of the clock case inside a little plaster archway. I kind of like the idea of the clocks being re-purposed into a clock case and it makes them practical in a whimsical way.

This is currently in my foyer at home. I am not sure whether this is one I will part with…

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