Down the Garden Path

Right now I have 3 rock tumblers tumbling. It’s a long process – 4 weeks or more to take a rock from craggy to smooth and shiny. It is not a hobby I would typically embrace, since I am instant-gratificaton-girl, but I make an exception for this.

I sometimes can’t wait 7 whole days for a batch (what a surprise!) but I try to make it a Monday thing…

When we were on Chilliwack Mountain at Riverview, I wanted to pave around the new firepit and decided to make my own pavers. Of course Pinterest and the Interwebs were full of amazing things to do with rocks and pebbles. So that was the genesis of my paving stones.

Then during COVID we were out at Lindell Beach and I set about making our small lot more “us”. I got a bunch of big rocks from the creek and built a firepit. Then I got it into my head that instead of buying boring 24×24 concrete pavers for the pathways, I’d MAKE them.

So I did…I’d bring buckets of river stones home from Chilliwack Gravel and sort them into shapes, sizes and colors. Great COVID therapy.

I made loads of pavers and used them for pathways on our site.

When we moved into our house, we took them all with us.


When we moved into the house, the garden was lovely but the lawns were  MUSHY…

We dug deep trenches around the perimeter of the garden, and put drainage pipe, rock and sump basins in to catch the water and it made a huge difference

So I found these paving stones FREE on marketplace. Only hitch was I had to go and pick them up. It took 2 loads in Jim's truck to get them home. They were challenging to place (to put it mildly).
The big circular lawn at the back of the garden was the worst area for water collection. We excavated it and put in a huge drainage barrel and filled it with drain rock. It seems to have done the trick!
This was a huge task - it took weeks and weeks of backbreaking work: all the digging and dirt removal was one thing - but then we had TONS AND TONS of gravel and riverstone to unload. It was "good exercise".

Now we get to the paths and pavers *at last.

When we bought the house, there were wee paths throughout the garden beds, but they were trecherous – uneven and constructed out of old broken up concrete and asphalt. Year one, I just dug out all the old material and “fixed them up” so I was less likely to kill myself on them.

This summer I re-did them all, and built a wall. Now I’m super-happy with them all and you can actually see and appreciate the pavers I made.

Mrs Path-a-ways video tour – ending with the Great Wall of Lynne

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  1. Gosh Lynne how hard you have worked on this beautiful garden space ! It looks amazing !!

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