Mirror Mirror

A couple of years ago, I put an absentee auction bid on a lot of 8 plastic containers of beads and baubles. They were packed full:

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • White
  • Black
  • Wooden
  • Clasps and findings
  • Glass beads
  • Pearly green, pink and cream beads

I was pretty surprised to get it. I bid high because I wanted those beads BADLY. So $32 later I had a treasure trove that was conservatively worth around $400.

This is the first mirror I decorated with beads, a few brooches and some ceramic flowers

First decorated mirror

The next mirror I decorated was a big cream wooden rectangular one which I decorated with broken ceramic tiles, some beads and brooches and ceramic flowers.

Cream mirror embellished with ceramics

My next attempt was more pleasing I started playing round with some of the cool beads from those treasure boxes. In combination with brooches and bits of thrift store jewelry, they started to take shape. It takes a lot of time though and more materials than you might imagine.

Bejeweled gold rectangular mirror

The next two I really went to town on. The first – a white wooden frame has a cluster of ceramic flowers on the top in the middle. I like to think of it as a bouquet.

This is an interesting shaped frame. It has a shelf too, which I put a cute gold and yellow plate to keep it from getting water damage. I envisage this in a washroom.

White wooden frame with beads and ceramic roses

This black mirror was the most fun to do. I gave myself carte blanch to go over the top.

It seems kind of New Orleans-y to me.

The mirrors are down at Musicworx right now but as I write this I am thinking of where else I could put them…