Secrets and Shadows


It’s doing it again!

Overnight we had a ton of snow followed by icy sleet. Lovely.

I had 2 snow days.

I had a lot of admin to work on, and also got a chance to finish off some projects.

I’ve got my new year decor done with a nod to Valentine’s Day.

I love putting Christmas decorations up, with the exception of the tree which I hate doing. But I am SO ready to take it down again and this year the snowy weather gave me the chance to stay home and get it all done on New Years Day.

I am particularly smitten with my mantle. It came together pretty nicely and a new addition is a beautiful “friendship ball” from my cousin Debbie in England.

I got a few hours down in my workshop and got some new pieces started, and actually finished.

This would certainly fall into the “Secret Garden” category.

This is a container thingie I found in my thrifting rounds. It was just an empty cylinder when I started and it’s now taken on a life of its own. It’s marked The Bombay Company and I have searched online to see what it might have been but to no avail. Never mind what it USED to be I’m quite taken with it in it’s current iteration.

A couple of old frames found new life too:

I was pleased with how this shadow box came out. I was watching “All Eyez on Me” (the Tupac story) while I was making this so I am kind of surprised how zen it turned out, considering the ambiance at the time.

I haven’t decided where they’re going yet – I am running out of wall space. But since the weather is so disgusting again today I am about to go and finish off a couple of other bits and bobs.

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