Back at the Ranch

The Big Fat Fella

I guess Santa decided it was time to bale

Jim’s sister lives in a tiny, isolated village in the mountains about 30 minutes out of Kamloops.

For the past 2 Christmases we have all gathered at Linda and Al’s for family Christmas – it’s the only time all year that we’re all together. Jim and I have never been able to go away for Christmas because of having to be up early on Boxing Day for our sale. Last year we decided not to bother and to start OUR Boxing Week on 27th so it’s a quite a novelty to be able to get away. The family loves to hang out and party together. Some activities are not advisable though: like ANY game. Or anything competitive. Or anything with rules open to interpretation. This Christmas we even played a euchre tournament and no one died which was a big deal.

Linda's barn

Linda's horse

Linda loves her animals…this is her horse. She owned the mother and has had this guy since it was born.

That’s his barn in the picture above.

Jim and I and his brother and nephew stay just a few kilometers away on a ranch in rustic little cabins with incredibly comfortable beds, good water pressure, surprisingly good artwork, and a wood burning stove.

It’s an actual honest-to-goodness ranch and

just went on the market for $3.5m

They have a riding school and do horse-riding in summertime as well as alpaca spinning workshops. Janice, one of the owners, is an amazing artist and gives lessons too.

We looked out over snow covered fields, white cloaked mountains and solid frozen lakes.

The population is about 500 and there’s a small general store. They didn’t have toothpaste, AAA batteries, Kleenex or Splenda but they had TONS of booze.

It’s very wintery up in the mountains – SO much colder than down here at the coast. It was -27° when we got there. All the lakes were frozen and it was winter wonderland-ish. I took lots of random pics due to my fascination with snow and ice.

It was a lovely Christmas. Full of peace and goodwill.

I hope yours was too.