In From the Shadows

January is (blissfully) quiet here at the Bed and Breakfast. I’ve only had a handful of guests, and they’ve been mainly upstairs so I’ve had full run of my downstairs workshop, plus the time to work on finishing a lot of projects.

I finally got the dollhouse finished. It had been upstairs in the lounge since around October but I hadn’t glued anything in place and some lighting needed work. Done and DONE!

I’ve also been itching to finish some more shadowboxes – I had a stash of “findings” and frames that needed to be put together. That was a lot of fun, but once again, it’s nice to have them finished.

These crafty projects are like an itch…the ideas are there and I’ve got all the components…just missing the time to get them done.

Many of these latest pieces were made with people in mind. Consequently I find that they’re actually the most satisfying to compose.

Below is “Happy Camper” – I made it for Jim. He loves it! It is very symbolic too which he appreciates. Obviously. (sorry about the reflection)

Jim's "Happy Camper" shadow box

Here’s another shot of it. At least the reflection is in the other corner now…

So in no particular order, here are some of the new creations.

I have a young lady in mind for this one…

The next few are just ideas that I played around with til I was happy with the results.

I have a large apple blossom/japanese secret garden I am finishing (soon) and there were some bits and bobs left over and they found their way to the shadowbox below.

This one is all whimsical/retro

This is tiny and I made it for a friend. Cannot wait to give it to her.

I also am quite certain that the minute she sees it she’ll know it’s for her.

It goes with this one which is even tinier

I didn’t intentionally make them as a pair but Jim insisted that they MUST go together, so there we have it.

I made this one for my sister in New Zealand.

I guess this means it won’t be a surprise…

There are only a couple left to finish. Well, four actually.

Yes, I am a crazy person.