A Big, Big Week

I am excited for this coming week. It’s got a little bit of everything, and a LOT of some things!

We just got back from the annual FRIENDSGIVING weekend at Thousand Trails at Lindell Beach with our “Covid Bubble”. Yummy food and lots of fun. I made Churros (three batches, so about 70 of them and they ALL went). I served the churros with chocolate fudge sauce and lots of “squirty cream”, and it was a big, messy hit. I also made some of my oatmeal coconut chocolate chip cookies which were extremely popular with everyone (including those with no food allergies!). I also experimented with a new GF, DF, EF cookie recipe in my trailer gas oven (which was a big mistake). Everyone decided that they loved my regular cookies but they REALLY LOVED the “flop cookies” – so I am going to see if I can re-make them in a regular stove. Watch this cookie space. 

Also, if you steal my phone and take pics, they will get used!

The last of the churros - with fudge chocolate sauce

Tomorrow I’m going to a seminar on AI which I’m looking forward to (Chamber of Commerce Business Education thing). Then Chamber Connections tomorrow night at Bridlewood, so I won’t have to make dinner if I can persuade Jim to come too.

On Thursday night Darren, Candace and I are going to the ERAS movie. So flippin excited. Candace is taking care of the friendship bracelets and we are all working on our outfits. Mine arrived already. SO pumped.  There will be pictures. And singing.

Jim and Molly

Excuse me for making a big deal about this, but it’s our 20th Wedding Anniversary this weekend so we are taking a couple of extra days off to celebrate. We’re booked for dinner at Restaurant 62 in Abbotsford on Friday night and on Saturday night we have our Bon Appetit dinner group  – so it’s going to be a fun, foodie weekend. The Bon Appetit theme is Tailgating and we are on drinks, so I am planning Cocktailgaing.

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