Wild Creatures

I suggested we should take bear spray with us today before we set off to Ross Lake

I only suggested it because we now actually have bear spray, thanks to some guests who left it here because they couldn’t take it back to Germany with them, but Jim (the great outdoors guy) said we wouldn’t be needing it.

At first we didn’t see a lot of wildlife action, until we crossed the border (ie drove 10 metres up the road) onto the US side of the park.

We saw a swan

And then a big yellow duck

When we left the lake we stopped at a suspension bridge to go for a little walk and to admire the beautiful, pristine Skagit River.

A young couple were huddled, shivering, under the bridge and we exchanged pleasantries. I asked if the water was cold and they said it was freezing but they were hanging out there because there was something HUGE in the trees on the opposite side of the river and they wanted to see what it was.

So we did bear watch together and it was amazing. A huge brown bear was chowing down on a tree, making a hell of a racket. It was right next to the river and so we figured he would come down for a drink eventually.

We lost quite a lot of blood waiting for him to show himself – the mosquitoes were brutal – but it sure was worth it and we got some good shots of him.

It was a good day.