Dolly Did It

This is a complete rework of my Doll House blog. It deserved better pictures and the original blog was rushed. There are parts of the house I have re-built twice over since the original post. I still love this doll house and I have it in my downstairs hall in our new house. I’d happily re-home it though.

The Crazy Doll House Lady

In the process of finding wallpaper and flooring for the Maya Doll House, I became obsessed with some of the amazing miniature creations…and a couple really  captured my imagination – like these ones

I scoured online sites and local stores to find the right cabinet and NOTHING was right (or the right price). Then I had an epiphany! I already HAD a cabinet. It was antique and decently built but it had some drawbacks. It wasn’t nearly the right shape or configuration but I figured I could make it work.


It sure did not prove to be as easy as it first seemed. I had to try to make it work and make sense as a residence, so there was a lot of trial and error – working out how “the people” would get from one floor to the next.

Here’s the side of the cabinet,  errrrr, house

Side view

I used picture frames for the rectangular windows and I made the frame of the round window from Polymer clay.

Here’s a look from the front. I asked Jim for a quote on doing my lighting and he said he was too busy and then came home with some wire and gave me a few instructions.

Full Frontal

I learned to solder a while ago so I installed some mini LED lights that I’d brought from China. And they work!

In the downstairs washroom I used a distressed wallpaper and a distressed beveled mirror tile

Parkade with textured grey “concrete” walls and car collection. The middle one and the Rolls Royce are Avon perfume bottles!

I made the light fixture from earrings, and the plants from polymer clay

The Kitchen. This was almost entirely constructed from furniture and things I found in the dollar store. I epoxied the benches and island countertop and made the lights out of little vials I found at Michaels

I bought the toaster. Made the glasses from the innards of a ballpoint pen and the tray is a button

I made the bedside cabinets and the filing cabinet out of matchboxes. The “peace time” clock is epoxied onto a button. The desk was chopped up from one of those plaster decor things.

The Bedroom has a kind of  Moroccan theme and has a walk in closet. The bed frame is a chopped up picture frame. I made the bedding out of a beautiful old dupata and the bedside cabinets are made out of matchboxes. I also made all the rugs.

The attic: complete with obligatory birdcage and rocking horse. I love this!

In the passageway next to the attic, the chandeliers are crystal earrings and the candle holders are beads with a piece of wire inserted. I love the little bench with Buddha perched below a picture of the Queen.

The thing I had most fun with actually was the marketplace.

Thanks for bearing with me on this labour of love!

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