One ‘Mageddon After Another

It has been unseasonably unseasonal here this winter.

In 13 years since I came to Canada, we have had one decent dump of snow that “stuck” and that was in 2009 when my sister and her family came to visit.

This year has been ridiculous.

We had a couple of big snowfalls around Christmas but nothing like what was visited on us last week.

Three storms, one on top of another. Kiwis would call it a weather bomb. I call it a weather bomb but here it’s referred to as “Snowmaggedon”.

It started last Friday. We got over 88 inches of snow in a couple of days. Add drift and you’re looking at 4, 5, 6 ft piles of pretty white stuff that screws everything up. Everything.

We shovelled continually…we needed to get out. We had guests that needed to get out.

6-7 hours a day of shovelling.

Our balcony had over 4 ft of snow on it and we were concerned about the weight once it started raining…so that had to be done too.

We had a lovely drift on our roof which we poked down because we could see it was bending our gutter and found it had wrenched out a downpipe too.


We were so lucky with our roads. Being on the mountain means we are the first priority so our street and our hill were always driveable. Scary but drivable. Downtown on the side streets people were literally stranded.

Everything closed down. Businesses couldn’t open, and schools were down the whole week.

Then on Thursday we had ICEMAGEDDON.

OMFG. Never seen (or heard) anything like it.

The ice rain bucketed down and coated everything in a thick coat of ice. Our cars were impenetrable. It was unbelievable. It was beautiful. And it was devastating.

I stood on our balcony transfixed  and terrified. All you could hear were creaks, cracks and huge crashes as tree after tree collapsed. In 20 minutes I watched a dozen trees and dozens of branches fall.


We lost our power just before 7am but I was able to do breakfast for our guests (gas cooktop). They were supposed to leave that morning but obviously couldn’t.

Three separate trees took out three powerlines in our area so we knew it would be awhile.It was nearly 30 hours. We lit candles and drank wine.


The tree carnage is hard to describe and the tree fellers and Hydro, Telus and Shaw workers all deserve medals because it was freezing…FREEEEZZZING and pissing rain. Torrential, miserable rain.

Frikken FLOODMAGGEDON was a distinct possibility as we went from -6º to around 6º on Friday.

We lost so many trees – some in the back we didn’t care about but 2 of our big trees were really hit hard and one is probably done. Sigh.

Got some gorgeous pictures though.


And then. Suddenly, the ice was gone. The rain stopped.

Now for the cleanup…



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