The Rainbow Connection

Last week was another busy and awesome week…

I had guests at the B&B last week and again at the weekend: all such nice people. It seems to be the pattern of the winter months…one or two nights during the week and then weekends. It’s a nice pace and I rather like the balance of time to ourselves and “host” mode.

We’ve had ridiculous weather – it snowed for 2 days straight and it makes everything look so damn pretty but really its unseasonal – and ironic considering we “Sprang Forward” last Sunday morning.

It snowed again tonight on the mountains

Jimmy took some amazing pictures. We were having our regular monthly team dinner here (Indian feast) so it was nice to share it with everyone too.

Love Cakes is BUSY!
I am working on a couple of big projects for the weekend –  a ladybug cake for Chloe Mitchell’s first birthday and a big 50th anniversary cake which is going to be over 2ft square. I’ve covered the board in gold fondant and have to make lots of gold roses and 22 dogs and cats for the top of the cake.

Lots of cupcake orders too, which is great.

I was asked to do a cake for the Chilliwack Chiefs – their coach was turning 50 and he’s quite the local celebrity. The team’s Marketing Director’s birthday was on the same day.

Here’s coach Smyl

And here’s his cake

I did a pullapart  cupcake cake for the team also to celebrate both birthdays.

I am really pleased with my gluten free experiments.

Vanilla cupcakes were AWESOME and I made a carrot cake which I was over the moon with and actually prefer to my regular carro cake (which is one of my best sellers).


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